COVID 19 UPDATE So we are on lockdown in the UK – we all knew it was coming but it is still a shock! We are assured that online shopping is being actively encouraged and that the Post Offices will remain open. As our sail loft is at home we are luckier than many and can keep producing sails for our lovely customers. However, we are making some changes to how many times we venture out of the house in respect of the government’s advice. We will only be making a trip to the Post Office once weekly, and also we will only be going to our Accessories machinists’ house once weekly. This may impact on the length of time it takes you to receive your order but we are sure that you all understand these new restrictions. We will keep all customers informed. Stay safe. We will see you at lakeside sometime in the not too distant future.

UK SHIPPING UPDATE – we just wanted to let our UK customers know that, following advice from our Post Office, the shipping of UK items will be by ‘signed for’ service as this is taking priority in delivery over first class items. Obviously this will be contactless at your front door but will ensure that your sails or accessories are not lingering in large piles of post in the sorting offices as is currently the case. Stay safe. Sue & Nigel 29.04.2020

Catsails are specialist manufacturers of sails and accessories for performance radio controlled model yachts.

Proprietor Nigel Brown has been sailmaking since 1980 and has worked in some of the top sail lofts across the World including building sails for 4 America’s Cup programmes.

Years of sailmaking experience at the highest level combined with the best materials, high standards of workmanship and attention to detail have resulted in truly top quality products that are well proven on racecourses around the world. All mainsails and jibs are shaped using carefully milled moulds which ensures accurate repetition and consistency of shapes from one sail to the next.

Nigel has been building sails for the International One Metre since 2005 with sail shapes and construction techniques being continually refined ever since. IOM sails are well proven on the race circuits having won races and regattas in Spain, Italy and Malta as well as in the UK.

In 2012 the range was extended to include sails for the popular Micro Magic class that instantly received great acclaim.

When the DragonForce 65 was launched in 2013 and the DragonFlite95 in 2016 Catsails soon became one of the leading suppliers of after market sails for these popular boats and they are now shipped all around the world and have powered boats to national titles in a number of different countries.

Catsails additionally make high performance sails for the RG65 class to fit both swing and conventional rigs.

Catsails also make custom accessories that are designed to protect boats, rigs and foils whilst the boats are out of the water.