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Congratulations to Tobi Laux, 2019 UK National Champion

Pictures here from the event

A great weekend in the sun was had at Gosport by competitors, supporters and club members alike. Thanks go to Gosport for their hospitality. A hard fought event in light and sometimes fickle airs. Tobi Laux 1st with 50 points, Graham Elliot 2nd with 54.2 points, John Tushingham 3rd with 57 points.

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Hot! Hot! Hot! for both sail making and cutting out the parts for more rigbags….

The Catsails’ sailloft – like many other places in the UK – is currently resembling a sweatshop as I cut out the many parts for more Deluxe Rigbags on order. As we make everything ourselves, your sails and accessories start off as that roll of cloth and after going through various stages , end up as your deluxe accessories and sails. Sue, Catsails.