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Catsails have busy start to 2020

Remember that freezing cold morning last year at Southport ? Well, we are back again in two weeks for the DF65/DF95 TT Series beginning for 2020 – will it be that chilly again? I know, I am a southern softie (Sue) but still, even some of the Northerners had coats on!!

So, as I was saying, 2020 has started at quite a pace. We have been putting many hours in out in the sailloft handling large numbers of new year orders. We even had to go to the Post Office on Tuesday! Let us know early if you want us to bring anything with us to events in the year that you see Nigel entered in so we have time to get it made for you. Remember we make everything to order ourselves – just two little elves buried in the sailloft – oh and the ships cat of course!

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