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Catsails here and open

These days will come again!

Whilst we are waiting for the sailing days to come round again, why not get ordering those sails and accessories to make sure that your boats and accessories are up to scratch for when we emerge again. Shop through the website shop or drop us an email.. Thanks to all. Nigel & Sue, Catsails

3 thoughts on “Catsails here and open

  1. Howdy from Texas! I would interested in quote for D95 A-D sail bag with addition of lightweight back straps. I had made a bag with the back straps Which allowed me to carry the boat and tools down to the water line. I saw a number of your bags at the US nationals in Dallas. They seem to be a nice design and functional. As a sidenote, I helped do tech measuring inspection of sails at the event and could not help notice that cat sails were ALWAYS perfectly in spec. Not so much were the others. Nice job!
    Thanks for info DF95 Sailbag with back straps
    Joe Roddy
    Bag cost + USA shipping Austin Texas 78735


    1. Hello Joe,

      Good to hear from you, and thank you for the kind comments about both our sails and accessories. I am afraid that we cannot make a rigbag with back straps. We get asked all the time to make custom accessories but it is not cost effective for us. We also feel that back straps would tear the bag. Apologies Sue & nigel

      1. Sorry to hear that but I get it! Not to worry…I have enjoyed your sailing photos over time Sue Brown!

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