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DF65 & DF95 TT Event at Holland coming this weekend!

Last visit to the Netherlands in 2017 – Impressive! The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that these were RG65’s, this time it is the turn of the DF65s and DF95s. Pictures to follow after the weekend.

We are travelling to Holland this weekend for the UK TT Series and will be bringing some stock with us. DF65 A Plus suits (£30 – 34 Euros), DF65 Deluxe Rigbags (£40 – 45 Euros), DF65 Standard rigbags (£25 – 28 Euros), DF95 Deluxe Rigbags (£45 – 51 Euros). All will just have black finishes, insignias etc UNLESS you email me with a colour in mind, So just let me know on by the end of work on Tuesday to give me time to sort it out!!!

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