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V3 restoration!

I have always wanted a skiff IOM and came across this V3 in Eastbourne that was in need of some TLC ( I am sure that Terry, the previous owner, would not mind me saying). The hull was split along both gunwales and also had various splits and holes elsewhere. I salvaged as many parts as I could from the rigs and built new mast and boom for the A rig – all sails of course were replaced. After attempting to paint the hull myself and making a real mess of it, our friend Pete Smith took it off my hands and spent many hours preparing the surface, and doing a fabulous job of the prep and final finish – I am sure you will all agree as she now looks brand new! Not bad for an 18 year old boat. Many thanks to Pete. Now all we need is some water at our local lake – Gosport – to go for a ‘first’ sail.

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